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Pre-school session timetable

9.15am or 12.15pm Doors open.

A member of staff will be on duty to register your child as you come in.

Please can you speak to another member of staff if you have any queries.

Please encourage your child to self-register as well by finding their name card and putting it on their key group board.

Children will go up to the parlour for....


Welcome and story sacks/treasure baskets

We start the session in the parlour.

Staff will support any child (or parent!) who finds saying goodbye difficult. If your child is particularly upset, we will ring you to reassure you when they do settle.


9.30am or 12.30pm Key Group Time

This is when children are encourage to talk and listen in small groups.

Children will work on activities with their key group worker.


9.45am or 1.15pm Free-Play

These are both child-initiated activities and adult-led activities including things such as:

Making Playdough

Art / Craft Activities


Mark making

Problem-Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy


Water / Resources Tray


Small World Play

Snack time  - We have a free flowing snack time throughout Free play, where the children can help themselves to snacks and drinks.


10.40am or 2.00pm Tidy Time


10.45am or 2.05pm Recall time

Children gather to talk about their play. Sharing what they have enjoyed etc.


10.50am or 2.10pm Story time


 11.05am or 2.20pm Outside time / Big Play

Outside time at either Hillcrest Primary school playground, we also have an allotment space where the children do gardening, or Arnos Vale Cemetery. We endeavour to go out every day, weather and staff ratio permitting. 

Tuesday morning is 'Wild Walk' where the children and staff go to Arnos Vale Cemetery for the whole morning session.

Or in the event of bad weather - Big Play in the hall using parachute, large balls, scooters, etc. 


12.00pm or 3.00pm Singing Time

We like to end the session with singing for all the children in the parlour.

This is the time that we celebrate special days like birthdays.


12.15pm or 3.15pm Home Time 

The children remain in the parlour until the adult collecting them arrives.

Please sign your child out on the register when you collect them.